15 Aug

Life is thrust on all living entities. It is up to the individual entity to enjoy it or destroy it. In order to enjoy life one, needs to be in harmony with all of nature.

9 May



The world is becoming overpopulated while the world wealth and food supply is controlled by the greed of industry and finance leaders. Unfortunately this condition is effecting all countries no matter their political regime. The close dependency of the world financial markets on banking institutions was witnessed by the financial meltdown of governments all over the world. This meltdown was created by the obvious greed of the big financial vortex of companies like Goldman Sachs while smaller players fell by the wayside.




They buy up loans all over the world, insure it, then rape what profit can be made, bundle it and sell the worthless commodity back on the market in mutual funds to an unsuspecting public. A Great scheme when you have the wealth and financial power to manipulate markets at will. This system can only survive when the watchful eye of democratic countries are busying themselves with home security and vanquishing self serving despots. Makes me wonder if these despots from local and foreign concerns are not in collusion with each other. (Bush and BinLaden oil families)




Goldman Sachs, after practically stealing from the Federal Reserves in preventing world depression, was outed once more by one of their own who finally found a conscience in forced retirement. Too little, let’s hope not too late for the global political will to stop these despots in their tracks. The oil and gas companies are controlling world markets and unnecessarily driving up energy costs throughout the world, creating higher costs in world commodities. Weapons industries are supporting despots throughout the world by promoting their sale of weapons to warring factions. When is the insanity going to stop?




It is incredulous in how many totally different ways which people perceive and believe things throughout the world. There is evidence that most people rely predominantly on their feeling about a situation rather than factual details being observed. Most of humanity, even when asked for a detailed description, will always accentuate important facts using emotional terms of reference.




Most witness reports are the emotional recollection of witness observations. Experienced interrogators know this and use specific techniques to separate emotional response from actual fact and details specifically observed. It is a fact of knowledge that the vast majority of humanity relate their knowledge from a personal biased view, even when not personally involved in the situation. The human mind is more spiritually attached, than rationally attached to its own perception of reality.




There is absolutely nothing wrong with a personal point of view, and absolutely nothing wrong with being spiritual. Without either life would hardly be worth living. It is this spiritual aspect that brings joy, wonder and contentment in the universe. Nor is there anything wrong with reason and science. Without it our future survival would be extremely limited.




So, as with all natural occurrences, we are faced with two opposite sides of a balance scale, and  paradoxically, it cannot balance without each other. On the one side emotion and spirituality, on the other side reason and reality. Even at this stage of our evolution where technology is growing exponentially, our societies are totally controlled by emotion and spirituality, while reason and reality go by the wayside. Don’t argue, we have all said it!




The scales of justice will never balance until humanity evolves, or has a shift in psyche toward reason and reality. What will nudge the scales toward an equilibrium, may well be the free global Internet. I have always said, as individuals we are still primates, but as a group sharing our ideas, we are invincible. Due to technology we are thousands of times more knowledgeable about the secrets of nature than we were just fifty years ago. We are also living longer and growing larger.




To confront a future overwhelmed by growing world population, global disaster and food shortages, we need to move toward a more global, cooperative and democratic form of governance. We need to restructure food production and distribution to accommodate our population increase. We need to promote environmentally friendly, renewable fuels and space exploration. We need to freely promote contraception and birth control as a preferred form of human population management, rather than war and destruction. We need to put the control of global finance and resources in the hands of the informed majority, instead of the greedy few.